Hi, I'm Mylena.
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UX/UI Designer - IxDA Local Leader
Based in Campo Grande, Brazil. With a bachelor's degree in Design, from the University Catholic Dom Bosco.
My pleasure is deliver a great user interface and experience, the user satisfaction is what motivates me.
I love to create products that have meaning and embasement. And I'm very happy for find my purpose in life.
I am enthusiastic about technology, product design and innovation.


Application of methodologies that make the user experience pleasant and cohesive. From Discover to Listen.
Creation of consistent and objective interfaces. Using patterns to make the use of the product natural.
Design System
Creation and standardization of interfaces, documentation of components and development rules.
Implementation of interfaces in HTML and CSS. Using good practices to make the code simple and useful.
System redesign - 2017/2018
Order Management
Redesign of a order management. Where is possible view the status of orders, search and control.
Brand and site redesign - 2017
Lina Bo Bardi Institute
Concept site for the Institute Lina Bo Bardi. Lina was a talented artist and architect.
Site redesign - 2018
Detran SP redesign, this is a personal ideia, it's just a concept and for practicing.
Feel free to drop me a line anytime to know more about me, or if you're just willing to chat about something that interests you.

+55 67 99222-2007

based in Campo Grande/Brazil
Mylena Oliveira
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